Visa Qualified Businesses

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It is vitally important when going for a E-2 or E-5 Visa that the business being purchased has very clean books, which means minimum prior 3 years Tax Returns, P & L’s, Balance Sheet, number of employees, lease, equipment list and pictures of the business. This makes the process go smoother and helps the Consulate from coming backing requesting more information, which in turn delays the process. The process takes anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks and It is not a difficult process if you are properly prepared. The E-2 Visa recipient must show that they will be actively engaged in the business and that they are qualified to manage a business because of education or previous work experience. The E-5 Visa recipient can be an investor who is actively involved the the management of the company. This is a brief view of the process which we will guide you through to make it as smooth as possible transaction for you with the help of our affiliates so that you can experience the American Dream.

Funding a business for a Visa must show they have a minimum of 50% interest if there are two owners and 51% if there are 3 or more owners. Funding is by capital contribution by the party requesting the Visa. In some cases a gift of the capital funds may be used, however a Gift Letter must accompany the package along with the one gifting showing proof the gift is not borrowed funds. Again, we are going to guide you through this process.