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The vast majority of first-time business buyers purchase retail businesses (also referred to as Main Street businesses). The reason being that they are more affordable, easier to operate and most times can be expanded. The majority of first-time buyers must assess whether they like dealing with the public on a daily basis. Retail means speaking with customers daily, being able to handle complaints or someone simply being rude. If this is not something you can deal with, then retail is not for you. Second mistake many people make is they have a hobby and want to have a business that deals in that. Example would be that a party makes quilts. Wouldn’t that be great to own a Quilt shop? No, it would become so tedious for you that you would never want to make another quilt in your life. When you are looking for a Main Street business, you are looking to be your own boss and grow the business as much as you can. When you go home, you leave it behind and enjoy your family and friends. It’s called living a balanced life. You will be looking for a business that provides you income, room to grow and a business that you enjoy operating. You need to find a business that you enjoy and will look forward to going to in the morning. That is where we shine in finding you that great fit. As with any business you must do your due diligence to make sure the business has good books, selling services or products that are in demand with a good turnover in inventory and not a business that is the fad of the day. You will want to review the lease details, daily traffic count going by the business daily and other details which we will guide you through. You want a business that is going to be long term and salable in the future. Because, one day you will be selling it or handing it over to a family member. When you are looking at a business and it claims it is bringing in a good owner benefit, is it provable? All you will go by is the financials that the business files every year. You must also realize there are many write-offs a business can do legally that can keep the net income down. That is why a recast of the the business financials is so very important to see what the owner benefit truly is. We will guide you through the process of reviewing the recast figures if available or recast them with your Accountant or CPA reviewing them.

There are several options open to you to finance the business, most which require acceptable personal credit score. The options include the SBA (Small Business Administration), your local bank you do business with, Seller financing or a family member or friend.