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Medical Businesses are complex and each Practice, Clinic, Lab, Urgent Care, Home Health Care, etc. have their own nuances that you should know. We will explain the basics here to give an overview of what you should be looking for. We’ll start with Medical Practices first in which you must have experience to have a practice with one doctor or it may be a group practice. If you are a doctor wanting to breakout on your own then there is a long list of information you will want to acquire. Examples would be if the practice has good reviews, what is the office like i.e. how many exam rooms, how many are on their staff and what are their duties, what are their current revenues, what insurances they accept and what percentage is Medicare/Medicaid, major providers and private pay. How many encounters do the have, per week and annually? What are their total current patients? What was the year the practice started? Do they own or lease the office or building? As you see there are many answers needed to see if this the right practice. When we consult with you we will go through the entire practice to see if it meets your standards and is priced correctly.

When looking at Dental Practices, you want to know how many operatories there are, is the equipment newer or dated, what staff there is and what each one does. What insurances they take and what the percentages of each are. How large is the office and is it leased or owned.

There are many related Medical businesses i.e. Labs, Home Health Care, Assisted Living Facilities, Skilled Care and Rehabilitation facilities, Dermatologist, Chiropractors, Medical Equipment Providers and many more.

In today’s medical climate, many doctors and other medical related businesses are acquiring other similar related businesses or practices to keep their cost down with centralized billing and office staff.

Whatever you may be looking for, we will help you find the right fit.

Financing is readily available for the Medical Related field. Medical Practices can get 100% financing (Some Banks have departments dedicated to financing Medical Practices) and many times the Seller will finance the practice with an appropriate down-payment. Other Medical Related businesses have financing readily available as well as many having Seller Financing.