Less Than $300k

Search Florida businesses for sale under $300,000

This price range is where the majority of businesses in the country are sold. It is the range 90% of new Buyers feel comfortable that they can afford and be their own boss and not have a massive debt looming over them. Businesses that sell in this range can usually be learned in a short period of time, though having experience in the business is a great benefit. The majority of Sellers will train a Buyer because they want them to succeed and experience the American Dream.
There are many facets that go into purchasing a business which include if the business is making enough income to pay the loan and provide you with a living income, is the business trending up and providing opportunity to grow and expand, does the Seller have good clean books i.e. Tax Returns, P & L statements and Balance sheet? If this seems overwhelming, don’t let it be, because we are here to guide you through each step so you can be in control of your future.

There are several options to finance your new business. There is the bank you presently deal with who many times will give you favorable terms if you have had a good relationship ship with them, there is the SBA (Small Business Administration) which is a Government entity that loans Purchasers money to buy a business and existing businesses to expand or improve their business (it is similar to a FHA loan) and there are many times the Seller will finance the business. Last you have either family or a friend who would like to loan you the money, although I necessarily would  not advise this. F.Y.I. did you know that Jeff Bezos (Amazon founder) parents loaned him $300,000.00 to start Amazon. Again, we will help guide you through this process.