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Buying a construction related business can be a great opportunity for someone that is in the business and wants either to have their own business or expand their present company through acquisition. Whether it be a General Contracting company, an Underground company, Plumbing company, HVAC business, etc. you should have experience or knowledge of the business. Depending on the particular business, many are recession resistant, i.e. Plumbing, HVAC and Garage door installs and repairs, because pipes burst, faucets leak, hot water tanks need replacing, air conditioners quit, garage door springs break and garage door openers stop operating.

When purchasing a construction related business you want to make sure their financials are complete and in good order. We are speaking of their Tax Returns, P & L Statements, Balance Sheet, Accounts Receivables, Accounts Payable and Aging Statements. We will guide and work through this every step of the way with you.

Making sure the business is properly licensed, that it can either be transferred or you obtain the necessary licenses is extremely important. As an example, in Florida to be a Garage Door installer you have to have the experience to obtain your State License as well as County licenses you want to do business in. Again, we will guide you through the necessary steps.

Construction related companies, whether it is $200,000 or $15,000,000, are financed through the SBA (Small Business Administration) the majority of time, also the bank you have a good relationship will often finance a construction related business, some Sellers will sometimes finance a portion of the Purchase price and there are private lenders who lend to qualified borrowers provided the financials are good. We will help guide you through this as well.