Are You Tired of Working for Someone Else?

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Are you tired of getting up Monday mornings to face the same routine that you have been doing for years?

If the answer is yes, you are like 64% of employees who feel they are not going anywhere, and the future is not looking promising. Promotions/Advancement is not looking good for you and you simply feel in a rut.

You are wanting to take your future for you and your family into your own hands and begin a legacy that can go for generations.

Do one of these situations apply to you?

#1. The business is family owned, leaving you little chance for advancement.

#2. You just got promoted to Assistant Vice President. Hooray, but wait there was 

       no pay increase. One industry is notorious for this.

#3. The business is not growing and the future is not looking bright.

#4. The company is really growing and is a good candidate to be purchased by 

       another company. The Owner walks away with a great payday. That’s great,

       but wait, are the new owners going to keep you aboard or are they going to 

       replace you or simply eliminate your position?

#5. You simply do not like the company you are working for.

If the above is your situation, then maybe looking to be your own boss and having control of your future could be the right path for you to take.

We can guide you through the entire process with these steps:

#1. What is your budget?

#2. Finding the right business for you that is trending up and has room for

      expansion that offers products or services that are essential in todays world.

#3. Getting you Pre-Qualified for a loan, so when you make an offer the present

      owner is more receptive. The SBA (Small Business Administration) has good

      terms and different options for you to decide on and get you Pre-approved. In

      some cases, Seller Financing is being offered.

#4. Making sure the business has clean books, good equipment, inventory is

      turning over regularly and there is very little to no obsolete inventory,

      employee’s duties and salaries and any 1099’s they may use and what they are


#5. Is the business located in a good area? Is the Landlord willing to work with


We realize this is a simplified overview of purchasing your own business, however you can be reassured that we will guide you through every step of this fantastic journey.

To start this process, call us at (800) 447-0507 or email us at

We look forward in helping make your Dream become Reality.