Selling A Business

The best time to sell your business is when you’re trending up for the last few years. Buyers don’t look at businesses that are trending down with their revenues. Translation, Market Value of Business decreases.

Many business owners are under the misconception that their business is going to continue to keep tending up with revenues increasing every year. It’s a MYTH!

Fact, in all of business history, large, medium or small, have begun, grown, peaked out and then started their decline.


General Electric Company, which was one of the largest companies in the world, had their stock trading in $60.00 range in the 80’s compared to under $10 per share today. Do you think the Market Value went up from the 80’s?

Driving down the street where Main Street businesses are mostly located. How many have you seen closed? Think about it.

You started your business or purchased it and grew it even higher. It’s your baby and means everything to you, however you can’t treat it like that. It’s a business and if you are doing well, it’s most likely the time to sell.

At Freedom Business Advisors, Inc. we offer a free Market Value of your business to see if now is or is not the time to sell.

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